Wyatt Younker - Short Story - Preston



Wyatt Younker - Short Story - Preston


The Coyote


One day I was at my dad's buddies fishing shanty. It was deer season. We decided to go hunt an area with everyone. We loaded up the trucks. I was riding with my friend Casey and his dad Matt. We went up a hill into the woods. Me and Casey got out and started walking. Matt, Shane, Jack, JJ and dad went up to the meadow. As Matt was walking up to the meadow he seen what he thought was a deer laying curled up on the ground. He pulled up his gun and realized it was a coyote. He shot at it. It was only wounded. He called and told me and Casey to come up to the meadow. Me and Casey came up behind him. He told me to shoot it. I had never shot anything before. The gun was heavy. Casey helped me steady the gun and I hit it with my first shot. Me and Casey went and dragged it up to the truck. I was excited and had a party with my pizza lunch able. Everyone was proud of me.
The farmers were happy, because the coyotes in that area get after their livestock. The like to chase the cattle and eat small animals. We kept the head and put it in a bucket with holes for bugs to eat everything off the skull. We strung it high up in a tree, so the animals wouldn't get into it. After while we took it out and it was all cleaned off. Sadly, we forgot to put the lid on it and mice chewed on some of the bones. That was one of the best days of my life!

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