Cody Biddle - Short Story - Taylor



Cody Biddle - Short Story - Taylor


Kora's Escape


It was a slow day at the Columbus Zoo except for one thing, the zookeeper notices a red panda is missing. Her name is Kora. She is 2 years old and the food is gone. She was just fed hours before. The zookeeper decides to go and look at the camera feed. As he looks at the feed he notices it's completely black. The camera hadn't been working all day. With little evidence he decides to hire Detective Black.
Detective Black immediately comes to the zoo. The first thing he checks is the red panda enclosure. That's when he notices a small hole under the fence. The hole appears to be large enough for Kora to escape. He also finds gray fur on the ground near the hole. The zookeeper had mentioned it was a slow day. So Detective Black asks for a list of people who were at the zoo.
Once Detective Black had the list he eliminated all the people that weren't near the red panda enclosure. He was left with Freddy, the red panda caretaker and Clara, a daily visitor who loves red pandas. He asked to speak to Freddy. Freddy tells him about the technical difficulties he was having with the cameras. He also mentions the food that was gone. Detective Black doesn't see a reason for Freddy to have taken or to have released Kora.
Next on his list is Clara. She tells him how much she enjoys seeing the red panda. The only thing of interest she talks about is a stray dog. She mentions seeing him hang out around the flamingo habitat. Detective Black decides to search for the stray dog. He finds him in the flamingo habitat. It appears that's where he lives. Detective Black enters the flamingo area and to his surprise he finds Kora nestled behind a rock.
Kora appears to be friends with the stray dog. Detective Black asks the zookeeper if they can add a doghouse to Kora's enclosure. The zookeeper says that they can add a doghouse. Now on any given day visitors can see Kora and now "zoo dog" snuggled together.

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