Wyatt Biddle - Short Story - Taylor



Wyatt Biddle - Short Story - Taylor


Escaping the Amazon Rainforest


Steve, a pilot, was having a normal day or so he thought. He was hired to fly Mat and his family to the bottom of South America. Mat and his family were going on a vacation. It was all going well until Steve noticed on the gas gauge that the fuel level was low. The plane must be leaking fuel, he thought. Before he could think of their next course of action the plane started going down.
Steve and Mat wake up to see they are in the Amazon Rainforest. They are the only survivors of the crash. After they bury Mat's family, they make a goal to make a shelter. Steve collects the leaves, sticks, twigs, and a branch to build the shelter. After several days, Mat has built a shelter. Once they were inside and about to go to sleep they heard a low growl.
The next day, Steve and Mat decide to make tools to protect against the thing they heard last night. Steve is going to make a spear. Mat is going to make a pickaxe in order to get stone to make better spears. It takes a while to find the right wood and vines but they eventually create the pickaxe and spear.
The next night when they hear the growl they attack and while fighting they realize it's a puma. First, Mat tries to smack the puma with his pickaxe. Then, he gets scratched on his leg. Steve then throws his spear at the puma and the beast falls. They have meat for them to eat. Mat's leg is bad but he says he will walk it off.
A map, found in the wreckage of the airplane, shows Steve and Mat a river not too far away leads to the ocean. They make a plan to go to the river build a small boat and sail along South America to Mexico. They get to the river but the boat they built is more like a raft. Once they are out in the sea, sharks started to circle the raft. After one day the sharks attack, Steve starts stabbing the first shark. The second shark grabs Mat's wounded leg and drags him under water. Meanwhile, Steve kills the first shark. The second shark gets away with Mat. Eventually Steve lands in Mexico and never went on a plane again.

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Wyatt Biddle

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